Emilia-Romagna Region

Trade fair system

The Emilia-Romagna trade fair system is a highly-attractive global hub for those who want to do business. It offers an extraordinary business platform, one of the most modern and advanced in Europe, with an impressive number of visitors and square metres of available exhibition space, hosting events of global importance for international exhibitors and operators.

The Emilia-Romagna trade fair system is an excellent business model, with a multiplier effect on exchange, development and opportunities at international level. Its calendar of trade fairs spans from the automotive to the building sector, from the biomedical to the food industry, from mechanical engineering to leisure and tourism and is packed with top global events that look beyond the present and even anticipate future scenarios.

The regional trade fair system of Emilia-Romagna is a single system divided according to sector, on the basis of a model spread over the territory that centres on the 3 main exhibition centres (out of a total of 9) of Bologna, Rimini and Parma.

The Emilia-Romagna trade fair system is one of the most international in Italy in terms of exhibitors and visitors and even organises events overseas (e.g. in China, United States, Japan and Russia).

Room for business

Some relevant international trade fairs related to the regional value chains include:

  • mechanical engineering

Motor show (Bologna)

Autopromotec (Bologna)

Mecspe (Parma)

Salone del camper (Parma)

Lamiera (Bologna)

  • agro-food

Cibus (Parma)

Cibus Tec (Parma)

Eima International (Bologna)

Sana (Bologna)

Beer attraction (Rimini)

Macfrut (Rimini)

Sigep (Rimini)

  • health

Rimini wellness (Rimini)

Exposanità (Bologna)

  • fashion

Cosmoprof (Bologna)

  • housing / construction

Saie (Bologna)

Cersaie (Bologna)

Technodomus (Rimini)

Tecnargilla (Rimini)

Sun (Rimini)

  • culture and creativity

Arte Fiera (Bologna)

  • innovation

R2B - Research to Business (Bologna)

  • green economy

Ecomondo (Rimini)

Key energy (Rimini)

H20 accadueo (Bologna)

Remtech (Ferrara)

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