Emilia-Romagna Region

Polytechnic network

Global competition, the reorganisation of production processes and the explosion of social networking technologies have led to a deep structural change in economies. Faced with this change, not all regions and businesses have been able to respond by introducing processes for innovation. In this context the systematic capacity to generate and transfer new skills has become crucial.

Emilia-Romagna thus chose to invest in the education of specialised professional figures trained in operational, critical and relational skills. Required for innovation, such skills can also contribute to the processes of developing, raising standards and digitalising the industries of strategic importance for the growth of the country.

politecnic.pngThe above objectives are pursued primarily through the Polytechnic network, a crucial branch in the regional educational infrastructure for the purposes of developing scientific, technological, technical and vocational skills.

The Region designs the Polytechnic network programmes starting from the priorities identified in the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy.

The Polytechnic Network offers various opportunities – including the courses of the foundations managing the Higher Technical Institutes and those of Higher Technical Education and Training – based on the comparison, synergy and integration of varied, complimentary learning worlds and experiences.

The HTI Foundations – there are seven in our region – are technical colleges that offer highly specialised, two-year, post-school diploma programmes to educate and train expert technicians. Once they enter the various strategic sectors of the economic and production system, these highly skilled technicians will have the capacity to innovate and support their chosen businesses in the production system through high performances, personalisation, environmental awareness, and the use of ICT-based production with new technologies.

The Higher Technical Institutes offer a tertiary, non-university education with classroom learning and long training periods in businesses in Italy and abroad, leading to an advanced technical diploma.

The programmes lasting 800 hours are designed to meet the labour market demand for technical, professional, scientific, technological,legal, economic, organisational, communicational and relational skills, especially for the purposesof small and medium-size enterprises.

On completing the Higher Technical Education and Training programmes, students are awarded a certificate of advanced technical specialisation, recognised nationwide.

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