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In the coming years competition will be increasingly based on the capacity of a region to attract businesses, human capital and innovative, high value-added projects. The possibility for an economy to reposition at global level will be the result of investments in knowledge, research and innovation plus its capacity to spread and transfer the benefits to institutions, businesses and society.

Together with all the stakeholders in regional society, the regional government has set itself an objective reflecting the potential, the specialisations and the excellent skills that the region already possesses.

That objective is to occupy a leading position in the new production system now emerging globally. This means manufacturing linked up to highly specialised services, capable of combining environmental sustainability, the production of knowledge and the development and transfer of research results, while crossing over cultural and creative skills with technological expertise to transform ideas into high added-value products. In innovating manufacturing, priority must be given to higher education and research .

To strengthen the relevant part of the regional educational and training infrastructure, also through greater integration with the regional policies for innovation and industrial research, the Region has approved a three-year plan: “Advanced skills for research, technology transfer and entrepreneurship”.

This document brings together the resources of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF, ERDF and EAFRD) in terms of priorities, objectives, procedures and implementation schedules. The plan is one of the first instruments in the new generation of policies for integrated development that the Region committed to launching by signing the Labour Pact.

The complementarity and synergy of the European Funds – ESF, ERDF and EAFRD – are meant to guarantee a regional entrepreneurial growth trend within a highly integrated and dynamic regional innovation ecosystem, based on the interaction between the research world and the production world. This is intended to attract investments, entrepreneurial initiatives and creative talents capable of jointly promoting innovation in technological spin-offs, start-ups and mature industries.

In implementing the plan with the support of the European Social Fund, the Region aims to promote and finance various actions. They include bursaries and other financial aids to help people entering higher education; grants for research projects in line with the Horizon 2020 strategic objective to support the conversion of new scientific knowledge into products and innovative services to meet social challenges; research grants and doctorate scholarships consistent with entrepreneurial traditions in the region and the paths indicated by Smart Specialisation Strategy; actions to accompany processes creating new innovative or consolidative enterprises, and the growth and internationalisation of newly created businesses.

higher.pngAll of the described actions rely on strengthening a networking system of increasingly specialisedand expert advisory desks situated in the regional technopoles. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, indispensable in launching innovation processes, the advisory desks have the task of fostering opportunities for people and businesses by encouraging contact between supply anddemand of technologies and skills. They also spread and develop research results and supportthe process of internationalising excellent skills by creating a bridge between Emilia-Romagnaand the more forward-looking, innovative businesses at global level.

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