Emilia-Romagna Region

Farming innovation and food safety

campagna.jpgAn Agricultural Knowledge System has been developed to ease the dialogue between agricultural practice and research in the Emilia-Romagna region. This system develops following a cyclic structure, pursuing production innovation through an intersectoral approach able to integrate the whole innovation chain in the regional territory and at an international level.

Thanks to specific coordination instruments, the agricultural knowledge system produces a systemic knowledge, easing, and constantly nourishing the dialogue between the mainstake holders in agriculture, with increasing attention to products ’quality, consumers’ health and protection of the environment.

Food safety

Food safety is a core area of public health policy and is implemented through the surveillance of foods of animal and vegetable origin, from farm to fork.

EU and domestic legislation places the primary responsibility on the food industry business, directly answerable for the safety of the foods it produces. Control activities cover various functional areas, including health surveillance of the production of foods of animal origin and related products, starting from monitoring of slaughtering operations through to pre and post-mortem inspection, transformation, distribution and serving of foods of animal origin.

One key focus of these control activities addresses products exported to non-EU states.

There are a large number of common opportunities and challenges: in animal health, with controls on animal products and foods of animal and non-animal origin, through checks on phytosanitary products, analyses of preparations, and monitoring for residues in plant and animal materials.

In most of our region's Pdo and Pgi products (meat and dairy produce) the microbiological threat is controlled starting from raw materials, with the requirement for specific quality and health characteristics and a lengthy curing or ripening process.

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