On the one hand, the international activities of the Emilia-Romagna Region are aimed at strengthening and extending the network of exchanges and collaborations with its European and international partners, in order to face together the new global challenges. On the other hand, the international activities are intended to act as a driving force for the improvement of the international performance of the regional stakeholders. Therefore, the strategic objective is to improve the positioning of the region as a whole on the international scene and to facilitate the access of all local players to global opportunities.

We live in an increasingly dynamic and competitive global context, where it is essential to strengthen cooperation and inclusion, and at a time in which it is crucial to find global solutions and at the same time to implement them locally. Therefore, sub-national entities play a very important role in ensuring that their territories are not excluded from change and they need to interpret and govern change in such a way to trigger new dynamics of sustainable development.

As a region with a strong European identity, Emilia-Romagna is active first and foremost within the EU dimension. The Region considers it essential to strengthen the role and involvement of the Regions in the European decision-making process.

In the context of the innovative tools and extraordinary resources introduced for post-pandemic recovery, the Region is working to strengthen relations with the European Union, its institutions and its Regions. Therefore, it strives to play an active role to revive the European project, which requires the development of new and common responses to the epoch-making challenges of the present day (management of the Covid-19 pandemic, inclusive recovery, ecological and digital transition, migration challenges). The Emilia-Romagna Region also advocates the strengthening of the EU’s role in global scenarios through the definition of strong and unambiguous EU policies in cooperation and international relations.

At the international level, the Region works to strengthen relations with global players and to dynamically involve local stakeholders in the consolidation of exchange networks in the business, manufacturing, cultural, training and research fields.

In this regard, the objectives of regional action are, on the one hand, to support the internationalisation of all components of the regional productive fabric and, on the other, to promote the excellence of the Emilia-Romagna system.

The Region intends to focus its strategic priorities in the field of international relations on the areas of the new Pact for Work and Climate. To this end, it is interested in sharing best practices with its partners and also in identifying new international players that are dealing with the same strategic objectives: ecological transition, digital transformation, research and innovation, personal health and wellbeing, as well as the enhancement of local districts, cities and communities, production areas, knowledge and skills.