Emilia-Romagna Region

A highly specialised industrial system

Cutting across all the production chains of the region, the mechanics industry of Emilia-Romagna develops process and product innovations that are essential for specific industrial fields. Strongly linked to the craft tradition, it is evident in the local production vocations and in the presence of major historic companies.

From Piacenza to Rimini, from food processing to automotive design and manufacturing, there are plenty of world-class examples of excellence in the Region: food processing machinery in Parma; agricultural machines, automotive design and manufacturing, oil hydraulics and electro-medical equipment from Modena to Bologna; ceramic machines in Sassuolo and Imola; food storage and cold chain systems in Romagna; and ship building in Ravenna and the other maritime provinces.

The research laboratories in the High technology regional network are organised as part of the mechanics and materials thematic platform and specialized in strategic technological areas: design, prototyping and testing, processing and nano fabrication, development and characterization of new materials, surface treatments, fluid dynamics; noise and vibration; automation: control and
diagnostics, actuators; sensors.

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The construction industry has characterised the economy of Emilia-Romagna for decades; indeed, the regional companies in this sector have become international leaders in terms of product quality and design innovation, and are at the cuttingedge as regards research into materials and production technologies. The Italian ceramics industry is concentrated between the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia - with a higher concentration in the municipality of Sassuolo - and with an annual production of over 600 million square metres, equal to approximately 13% of world production and 43.3% of that of the European Union.

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